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Jewish Marketing Strategy + Consulting

We Help Our Clients Successfully Reach Their Desired Jewish Audience
Jewish Marketing Consultancy

Our specialty is helping our clients market more efficiently and effectively to their desired cross section of the Jewish community. From implementation of creative strategy to navigating the various intricacies of the Jewish community, SquaredUnion guides you every step of the way.

Development & DESIGN

We provide our clients with a variety of web development & design services. From single page marketing websites to complex branding campaigns geared towards e-commerce – we do it all. We ensure that your branding message will resonate with the Jewish community.

Kosher Marketing & Certification Consulting

With the many different kosher certifications out there, it is important to know the subtle differences between each one. Some communities respect certain certifications more than others. We help our clients choose the correct certification based on their goals and desired audience.

What We Do

Jewish Marketing Consultancy
  • We Help You Tap Into Growth Opportunities In The Jewish Community
  • Our Expertise Saves You Time & Money
  • Effective & Efficient Marketing Campaigns
Web Campaign Design/Development
  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Apps
Kosher Certification Consulting
  • Understand The Appropriate Certification For Your Brand
  • Marketing Your Certification To The Desired Market
  • Choosing The Right Kosher Product To Introduce Into The Market

Ready To Reach The Jewish Audience?

About US

We know advertising and marketing. We Specialize in helping you reach the Jewish demographic.
Reaching The Jewish Audience...

At Squared Union we know advertising and marketing. We specialize in helping our clients reach various Jewish communities and audiences. From kosher certification consulting to marketing strategy, we know what it takes to be successful within the Jewish demographic. We also offer our clients a full suite of web development services. From design to branding, we ensure that your business or organization has the greatest chance at success.

  • Growth Potential In Jewish Communities

    Forty-six percent of Jews earn more than $100,000 a year, compared to 19% among all Americans (Pew Forum Institute)

  • $100 Billion Market

    The kosher market accounts for $100 billion in annual sales and is experiencing 15% annual growth.


Success Based On Proven Strategy

We Have Helped These Clients Reach The Jewish Community
  • Smiles4Toys

    Bringing Smiles To Children Battling Illness

    We created a Jewish community outreach strategy combined with web development and in the process helped bring happiness to children battling illness.

    Jewish Community Outreach
    Web Development


    Working on this project allowed us to increase Jewish community engagement with the great work that Smiles4Toys does for children battling illness. There was a substantial increase in community involvement and awareness which translated into boosts of both volunteers and donor base.  

  • VirtuousWeb

    Bringing The Value Of Reputation To The Forefront

    An integrated advertising campaign aimed at specific Jewish audiences that would benefit from boutique reputation and presence management.

    Marketing Strategy
    Web Development

    An Integrated Strategy That Exceeded Benchmarks...

    Our work comprised of an integrated strategy, which included strategic media buys. The chosen advertising platforms were effective in reaching the target Jewish demographic most relevant to the "personal brand" management offering. Our efforts yielded client growth that substantially exceeded outlined goals. 

    Media Buying
  • Jerusalem Spaces

    Jerusalem Real Estate & Everything Good That Comes With It

    Consulting for growing market share of Jerusalem real estate listing services as well as expanding strategic partnerships.

    Industry Partnerships
    Content Marketing

    Increasing deal flow and expanding inventory in record time...

    With the basis for our strategy focused on growing market share in the Jerusalem real estate market, we focused on gaining more clients as well as an increase in listings. Through industry networking and advertising targeting Jewish communities with higher income brackets, we were able to accomplish both goals in record time. 

    Jerusalem Spaces
  • Spaces Partners

    3 Jewish Communities. 1 Central Platform.

    Crafted marketing strategy, design, and ad placement for the summer campaign of SpacesPartners.

    Ad Design
    Media Buying

    A Summer Campaign. A Summer To Remember...

    The goal of the summer campaign was to introduce a singular real estate platform for three of the most popular Jewish communities. We headed all aspects of the marketing campaign including ad design, placement, and associated photography. 

    Spaces Partners
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