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Careers @ Squared Union



So much of the success here at SquaredUnion is a direct result of the wildly talented and enthusiastic team that is passionate about taking your message to specific communities, and especially the Jewish demographic. It is for this reason that we value our team dearly. We are looking to add new members in a variety of positions.


Digital Strategy Manager

Digital Strategy Managers are tasked with crafting innovative digital solutions for our clients in order to accomplish a variety of Jewish centric marketing goals. These solutions are broad in range and include both global platforms as well as those native to reaching a Jewish audience. Requirements include: A minimum of 3 years of experience in a digital strategy role, exceptional problem solving and analytical skills, maintaining a stellar understanding of clients and their goals, and working with other teams on ensuring that client’s goals are being met.

Marketing Associate

Marketing Associates have one overarching responsibility – ensuring that their clients are taken care of, happy, and, most importantly, SquaredUnion’s services are having a real and tangible effect. Marketing associates provide direct assistance to marketing managers in a variety of different responsibilities. Requirements include regular communication with clients to identify their needs, a minimum of 2 years experience at a marketing agency or consulting firm, maintaining a stellar understanding of client business and their goals, and working with other teams on ensuring that client goals are being met.