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Research Infused Jewish Marketing Strategy

Better Data = Better Decisions

Jewish Market Research Services

Market Entry & Sizing

We produce market potential and marketing opportunity data. We also ascertain current and emerging market size and provide viability intelligence.

Primary Research

We uncover valuable first-hand business and organization-specific insights.

Message Testing

We help you understand how you can you best reach your optimal Jewish audience based on data-backed messaging development.

Secondary Research

We help complete existing data and validate it.

Market Analysis & Segmentation

We assist in identifying, segmenting and prioritizing specific Jewish markets for your business based on the level of opportunity.

Pricing Strategy

We help you understand how to price your offering correctly.

Proprietary Research Methodologies + Seamless Implementation

Supporting our research & analytics practice is a mix of both the world’s leading technologies and methodologies as well as proprietary systems developed in-house. Our solutions are therefore uniquely positioned to provide valuable expertise and insight to our clients at a highly customized level.

Applications For Organizations Across All Sectors

At SquaredUnion, we work with a variety of organizations ranging from the startup phase to those in the Fortune 500. With our Jewish market research and analytic capabilities (JResearch™ ), we see opportunities for organizations in a broad array of categories spanning from biotechs to CPG’s and everything in between. These opportunities center around making of informed marketing decisions backed by reliable data.

JResearch™ helps to uncover opportunities in the Jewish marketing landscape and allows for robust data-backed decisionmaking.


Ready For Data-Backed Jewish Marketing Decisions?