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Jewish Influencer Marketing

Amplify Your Message Through Jewish Influencers



Advertisers in practically every category are seeing impressive results from influencer marketing. It is no wonder that over 60% of marketers say they will be expanding their influencer activity. Jewish influencer marketing, when conducted properly, provides for effective and efficient ad spend that garners solid results.


Native Jewish advertising consistently outperforms traditional ads. Due to the native nature of Jewish influencer marketing and the potential present, we see a significant uptick in marketers using this mode of advertising. The increase in interest is largely due to the trust factor that influencer marketing can bring to the table. Such trust is illustrated by the fact that over 90% of consumers have more confidence in recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over identical recommendations from brands.


With large Jewish audiences tuning in to their content, influencers catering to this demographic can provide a highly targeted and concentrated medium to promote your offering. By partnering with the right Jewish influencer, businesses of all kinds can see impressive returns from their influencer marketing efforts.

PREMIUM+Performance Jewish Influencer Marketing

Capitalize On Jewish Influencer Marketing

Our Premium+Performance™ Jewish influencer marketing model helps to ensure that both client and influencer goals are properly aligned to achieve optimal results.

Are You A Jewish Influencer?

We may have representation and marketing campaign opportunities if you are a Jewish influencer with a sizeable and engaged audience. Please get in touch here for more information.

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