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Kosher Certification Consulting

Capitalizing On Opportunities With Kosher Certification

A Multi-billion Dollar Market Holding Potential For A Variety Of Sectors

With the impressive year over year growth that the kosher market is experiencing, we see businesses of different sizes and types taking advantage of the opportunities present. From restaurants to CPG’s and almost everything in between, attaining kosher certification can garner a concentrated and loyal customer base that results in returns well beyond the initial certification investment. With that said, there are numerous areas along the kosher certification journey where having a trusted and experienced partner to advise and capitalize on opportunities is of great value. At SquaredUnion, through our kosher certification consulting services, we partner with our clients to ensure that they are getting the right certification at the right price point while also providing for the maximization of certification to its full potential.

Finding The Right Certifying Partner

There are many different kosher certifications out there, and choosing the right one is of great importance. So much depends on the Jewish community or market that you are trying to cater to including location, religious observance, among numerous other factors. Kosher certification can be a bit confusing because different communities look for specific certifications and when catering to these communities it is vital to choose a certification that they respect. We will help you navigate the maze that is kosher certification and ensure that you are getting a fair price. From choosing the right certification partner to subsequently marketing your certification, we are here to make sure that you see returns from your efforts and investment.

A Multi-billion Dollar Market Holding Potential For A Variety Of Sectors

With the robust associated growth, entering the kosher food sector can be quite tempting. With that said, it can also be somewhat intimidating to those not familiar with this relatively unique market segment. Therefore, having a partner aware of the nuances for successfully navigating the kosher food market can be both helpful and profitable. We ensure that our clients make profitable decisions within the kosher food landscape through our kosher food marketing practice. Our food-related marketing services include advertising, influencer marketing, and public relations. In addition, we also assist our clients with strategy, distribution, and associated consulting by using our expanding professional network and established relationships.

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