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Jewish Governmental & Public Affairs

Where Complex Challenges Meet Our Unique Solutions

A Full-Service Firm With A Suite Of Complementary Capabilities

Formulating the correct narrative and communicating effectively and efficiently to the Jewish audience can be challenging and confusing. SquaredUnion’s Jewish Public Relations Practice assists our clients in understanding which Jewish audience is most optimal as well as with crafting the right messaging to align with the target audience. We take a comprehensive and multi-channel approach to creating PR strategies to ensure optimal reach.


Issue Advocacy

Audience Research

Crisis Communications

Message Testing

Digital Advocacy

Coalition Building

Client Sectors Served

Travel & Hospitality


Government Relations


Financial Services

Consumer Products


Corporate Comms

Public Affairs

Data-Backed Messaging + Optimized Targeted Advertising

Gaining An In-Depth Understanding Of Each Client's Circumstance

We approach each client engagement with the foremost priority of attaining a thorough comprehension of the relevant factors, motivations, and sensitivities. We then come up with a comprehensive strategy about how to best accomplish the project goals in light of changing variables and considerations. Through our market research, advertising targeting capabilities, and media contacts, we put into motion a wholesome approach that allows us to achieve client goals in an unparalleled manner.

About SU Strat

SquaredUnion Strat is the base of our Government, Public Affairs, and PR Practices. We are a boutique firm, which allows us to be more agile and flexible in the engagements we undertake in terms of timelines and capabilities. We can serve a wide variety of clientele who benefit from our other core offerings, including our Advertising, Design, and related Strategy Practices. Whether we are embarking on leading projects in-house or integrating with client teams, our sole aim is to ensure that we seamlessly accomplish client goals and bring added value in any way we can.

Advocating For & Protecting Client Interests


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