Marketing For The Jewish Holidays

Marketing For The Jewish Holidays (2)

For a more recent and in depth discussion on the major Jewish holidays and how to market towards them, please click here.

Those who have taken advantage of marketing opportunities within the Jewish community are probably well aware that many of the best opportunities revolve around marketing towards the various Jewish holidays. They have come to know that capitalizing on these opportunities is especially important, in part, because major Jewish holidays are in abundant supply throughout the year. While the potential reward for making the most of these marketing opportunities should not be understated, there is also risk present. This risk, in large part lies in the fact that each holiday has its own nuances and specific strong points” for various different products and services to be introduced; and therefore, correctly marketing to the desired Jewish audience can be challenging. Furthermore, knowing what the Jewish market wants before, during, and after each of these occasions is integral to a successful campaign, and such knowledge requires an intimate understanding of both the holidays and the Jewish audience.

With all the potential room for growth in marketing for the Jewish holidays it is of no surprise that some of the biggest brands are in on the action.

Since Passover is right around the corner we will take a look at some name brands that market products for Passover.

– Coca-Cola markets a “Kosher for Passover” version of its soft drinks. See Time Magazine article for more info here.

– The much loved Tropicana orange juice.  See PEPSICO press release here.

– Lays potato chips. See write up here.

Read some of our tips below on how to properly market your product or service for the Jewish holidays.

Knowledge Of The Jewish Holidays – 

As mentioned previously, there are an abundance of Jewish holidays throughout the year. With that being said, there are those holidays that can be termed as “major” holidays and those that are less so. For example, the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover would be considered one of the most celebrated and substantial Jewish holidays. The reasons for this classification are numerous but it is in large part because of Passover’s length, historical significance, and substantial preparation requirements. It will probably not come as a surprise to you that the more “major” a Jewish holiday is, the more potential present to capitalize on marketing opportunities. At the same time, there are other smaller holidays and other days of significance that also carry with them potential. The point we are getting at is this, the first step to marketing for the Jewish holidays is understanding the ins and outs of each holiday and how to properly approach them.

Marketing For The Jewish Holidays

Knowing Who Your Audience Is – 

   Now that we have discussed in broad terms the presence of opportunities for your business by way of marketing for the Jewish holidays; we have to delve further into how to execute. As we have discussed at length in previous discussions, understanding your target demographic is most important. This is due to the fact that within the larger label of “Jewish community” exist many smaller communities. While some may be great audiences for your product or service, others may not be as good, or relevant at all for that matter. For example, a client marketing their kosher baking products for Passover would do well to market via channels that primarily reaches a large swath of women in the right age bracket. There are a number of different communities that this strategy would have success in. In contrast though, marketing via a channel that reaches the wrong age bracket or primarily males would be a mistake.

Choosing The Right Channel – 

Once optimal target audience has been ascertained it is then important to formulate a plan as to the best way to reach your desired Jewish audience. That is, as we always say to clients; what is the most effective and efficient strategy. That is, the path that will provide the best return on each marketing dollar spent. At SquaredUnion, we pride ourselves on lean yet powerful campaigns. Minimal overhead, that produces real and meaningful changes to your bottom line. Formulation of campaign direction is where there is most potential for a campaign to begin down the path of failure and subsequently greatly diminish its chances of future success. Proper targeting strategy requires both an intimate knowledge of the target audience; including their buying habits, as well as an in depth understanding of how to most effectively reach them. This is best done by having experience with the different marketing channels available and knowing which ones will work best for different client scenarios.

Intimate Knowledge Of All Aspects Of The Campaign –

   While we can write numerous lengthy posts about how to properly market for the Jewish holidays, we think it is practical and important to review the main points for a successful campaign. First, an understanding of the holiday you are marketing towards is of great importance. Knowing if there are opportunities for your product or service in relation to this holiday, as well as other considerations should all be part of the equation. Once the proper holiday has been chosen, it is then important to decide on the proper and optimal Jewish audience. This is especially vital since there are many different sub sets of Jewish groups within the larger Jewish community. Finally, once audience has been selected, it is time to decide on the appropriate channel to be used to reach said audience. Which platform or medium? What is the design and tone of the marketing material? The right decisions to all these different questions that arise along the journey of a marketing campaign from beginning to end; relies in large part on intimate knowledge of all aspects of the Jewish community.
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