Kosher Food Marketing Services

Brand Identity
Crafting a brand identity is of special importance when it comes to kosher marketing. Based on our vast experience in kosher marketing, we help you come up with a winning brand identity, associated messaging, and overall positioning.
We bring value to our clients by applying our expertise and experience to navigating the intricacies that are native to the kosher market. From identifying market opportunities and conducting a competitive analysis to providing overall direction and industry insight, we ensure that our clients are making the right decisions necessary to see a positive return on their kosher marketing efforts.
In-Store Marketing
Our in-store marketing services are based on the overarching goal of increasing sales and raising brand awareness. These services include sampling, partnerships, promotions, and events.
Kosher Certification
Choosing the right kosher certification is of vital importance when embarking on kosher food marketing. There are various different certifications, each with their own intricacies. We help you navigate this potentially confusing world of kosher certification to ensure you make the best decisions for future growth.
Product Distribution & Promotion
Through our established network of decisionmakers in the kosher food industry, we provide our clients with a variety of distribution and promotion options. From supermarket placement to influencer promotion, we have the foundation to implement a winning strategy for your kosher food product.
Advertising & Packaging
We know what it takes to catch the kosher consumers eye. From segmentation and market analysis, we create advertising and packaging that will help to propel your product to success in the kosher food market.

Our Know How = Your Success

SquaredUnion helps brands connect with kosher food and beverage consumers through a variety of services including marketing, certification, and strategic consulting. Whether you are a start-up brand or an established household name, our expertise can help you take advantage of opportunities present in the kosher market.