Effective & Efficient Jewish Influencer Marketing

Effective & Efficient

With advertisers seeing impressive reuslts on a continuing basis from influencer based marketing efforts across the board, it is no wonder that over 60% say they will be expanding their influencer based marketing efforts. Jewish influencer marketing, when conducted properly, provides for effective and efficent ad spend that garners solid results. 

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Native Jewish Influencer Marketing

Native Advantage

With native Jewish advertising consistently outperforming traditional ads, it is of no surprise that Jewish influencer marketing efforts are seeing a large uptick. This increase in interest is due in large part to the trust factor that influencer marketing is able to bring to the table. Such trust is illustrated by the fact that over 90% of consumers have more confidence in recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over identical recommendations from brands. 

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Targeted Focus Jewish Influencer Marketing

Targeted Focus

With large Jewish audiences online, influencers catering to this demographic are able to provide a very targeted and focused tool to promote your message or offering. By partnering with the right Jewish influencer while promoting your offering in the proper manner, impressive results from your influencer marketing can be seen.

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Capitalize On Jewish Influencer Marketing

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One of our hallmark offerings is our strategy development and related services, which ensure that client objectives are met. Our intricate & hands on experience is the core foundation for our client success.


We know where to advertise in order to properly reach our clients target Jewish audience. From native ad platforms to general ones, we know how to formulate your Jewish advertising campaign that meets objectives.

Public Relations

Through a variety of strategic contacts and publications, we are able to convey client messaging to the target Jewish audience in a precise and effective manner.